New York: For The First Time Paraded Models With Hijab

After weeks of controversy in Europe on the freedom to wear the veil in public places, here in New York a stir aroused by the first fashion show where models wear the hijab. No cleavage, no transparency, no cracks or winks: it was a different show that seen at New York Fashion Week where the designer Anniesa Hasibuan, Muslim, he presented his collection. The designer is not a star in the industry yet it has attracted the attention of the media as it was the first show of this kind to the International Fashion Week.

Hasibuan is in Jakarta, Indonesia, strongly Muslim country, and many have seen the entrance of the hijab in mainstream fashion as a true revolution, in a historical moment in which what they are wearing Muslim women is a topic of debate. The thirty year old designer received a standing ovation when she came out on the catwalk, of course veiled, for the courage to propose a modern vision of fashion that follows the precepts. According to which they do not feel the curves of the female body under clothing.

Soft tunics overlaid on silk trousers, abaya (long female sopravesti to the foot) covering layers of veils making everything deeply prudish, and obviously hijab (headscarf tied under the chin) of all shapes and materials. The body is never revealed but not lost in grace and femininity thanks to profusion of precious embroideries. An elegant fashion that seen on the catwalk, in colors reminiscent of sweets and spices sold in Eastern markets.

The collection follows the new “modesty fashion movement”, the fashion that accompanies the modesty of women, ie look that does not exalt the female body. Many designers are working in this direction and even the big brands are following with interest the question: from Dolce & Gabbana have designed a hijab collection and abaya to H & M has chosen for its campgne a model in hijab, up to Uniqlo. Hasibuan, who expressed his enthusiasm on Instagram, explains that with this collection hopes to promote the normalization of the hijab in the United States. And from there the rest of the world

How To Find The Best Movies To Watch On Netflix

You are looking for the hottest movies from Netflix? Netflix offers a wide range of options when it comes to movies to watch. This service allows you to match the movie in the comfort of your own home using your game console or TV on your PC or laptop. This can provide you with tons of entertainment value at a low price and there are already a number of “good movies with Netflix service.

To find good movies to watch Netflix can go to review the websites and watch movies. These sites will tell you what are the best movies are Netflix. Comments are the best way to determine good movie you want to watch Netflix. Sites such as the Internet Movie Database provides tons of information about movies, actors, actresses and plots based on the movie which is on Netflix.

Online you will find sites that review specific movies Netflix and let you know the best way to see. These sites offer a good value, because they already have Netflix movies you listed and will not have to search online for everyone to see if it is a movie you want to watch. Periodically check these sites to find out what new movies are to Netflix so you can plan ahead for your viewer. Some of these sites will give you specific recommendations on the kinds and types of film in order to find a movie you like.

To find the best Netflix movies just do a search on Netflix to find a movie that might interest. once you find a movie you can use the Internet to find more information. The best part of finding movies online is that the reviews are often changed in order to get a good idea of ​​how other people felt about the movie. All tastes are different, but the reviews online are generally quite good. We may want to look at many reviews of the movie in the search for good movies to watch Netflix service.

After reading about the movie that you can watch for movie trailers and short clips of the movie to get a greater impression on the shoe that interests you. Trailers can give an indication of how well the film will be, but they are not the final judgment. Go to service forums or chat and get more impressions of the people in the film you want to see through Netflix. More and more people are asking the easier it is to find a movie to watch through the service.

Netflix is ​​a great service and although there is a wide selection of movies that are found in rental shops the selection is growing. To find the best Netflix movies to see just go online and try to check out the sites that will give the clearest indication of how good a film is s. Read columns and critically online sites and trailer to see what the movie looks like. Go through the categories of Netflix and watch movies also there to find something interesting.

Is Better To Challenge Without Much Stance! Is it? A High-Sensitivity Rising Appearance

It will be like doing a direct e-mail exchange with a person I met at a community site etc., Do not you think that it is an opportunity to develop a relationship between two people if you say “send a email” from the other party? Surely you will want to take pictures of even the little guy, even a little, to a beauty man not to destroy the image the other holding.

Just hurry so as not to let others wait! I thought, I might be sending photographs on my mobile phone as it is.
However, progress with the opponent may be a little difficult though. Before taking a picture, let’s take a look at the mirror. His hair is absent, clothes like a room wearing from anywhere, clothes like wearing clothes from anywhere, if there are men beard leaves left behind, for ladies lipstick is falling… I can not do it in the state.

People who are always careful about grooming may not have problems, but if they are indifferent people who do not care too well, It seems there are people who take pictures and send them as they are, just as they know they are yourself.

That’s why it’s not as good as wrapping around brand-name items just like here. If hair stretches and becomes irresistible at least, it arranges, in some cases go to hairdressing salon and have it cut, You had better make it if you did not make it up, and let’s do a little repaint lipstick even if you’re doing it. Although it is a photograph, let’s consider the minimum grooming.

Clothes are not separately brand-name items, so let’s make them fit yourself. But, let’s stop things that do not feel a sense of cleanliness. There is no use like the one according to the wrinkle. Anyway think about being able to make people feel good.

There is an idea of ​​each person, but maybe it is good to try make-up even for men. But, if it is not like a visual make-up, for example if you have never cared for the eyebrows, Try a little, or write it if it is thin. Since I have not done eyebrow maintenance, even if I do not understand, if I go to the barber shop with my hair cut, If you ask, I will do it with my face sledding.

If there seems to be a stain on your face, you can conceal it by using Concealer. Men may be resistant to what women do, and for men, You might feel like you are deceiving others with makeup, but even women are making makeup, Since it sometimes says like a different person if you drop it, thinking as one way to show your goodness, It might be good to challenge without much stance.